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Soumya Tejam's Bioclose

As a sixteen-year-old student and entrepreneur, she is passionate about technology, reading and entrepreneurship. She runs two ventures- BookBiteand Capable. BookBite stemmed from her love of reading. Capable, on the other hand, was born out of a startling realisation she had when she was taking part in a marathon in 2015. Both of these ventures have led her to work towards a very personal goal of inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to have the same enthusiasm for the things she is passionate about. To this effect, she spends a lot of her free time finding avenues to talk about and share her learnings in these areas.

The central theme of the talk is to highlight the honest dilemma of choosing to enter the workforce as opposed to enrolling in a college from the perspective of a young demographic most affected by this idea. The aim is to explore the correlation, or the lack thereof, between successful careers and a college education in our country. The vision is to spark a dialogue, internally in the minds of people and externally in groups, in order to bring more clarity about colleges and careers. Her aim is to help people shed the misconception that the absence of a great college degree will hinder a successful career; at the same time to prevent the false comforting notion that a great college degree will guarantee success.

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Gatik Chaujer's Bioclose

Gatik Chaujer is a qualified and reputed L&D professional with 19 years of experience in the area of facilitation, coaching, consulting and strategy. He is the Founder of TransforME Learning & Leadership Solutions – an award-winning, results-based, learning firm which is focused on enabling personal transformation. With over 25000 facilitation hours and 700 coaching hours across 150 clients globally, Gatik’s methodology is focused on using the ‘Inside Out’ processes to break and create new behavioral patterns for his clients. His expertise lies in the areas of Personal Excellence, Influencing Without Authority, Leadership Development and Art of Storytelling. Gatik Chaujer is a is a highly accredited & experienced facilitator, having impacted people’s lives through his workshops over the last 19 years with his captivating, inspiring, enthralling & interesting art for storytelling

The art of Storytelling

"Each one of us is a born storyteller" as Gatik says. True to the essence of this one line, we believe the medium of stories just works in every space. From school going kids to business professionals, stories play a wonderful, fascinating, interesting & powerful medium which sends the message to the listener in a smooth & effective manner. Gatik suggests that we learn the secret to co-create authentic stories & use them in our personal & professional space to gain the rapt attention of our chosen audience.

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Vaishali Gauba's Bioclose

Vaishali Gauba is a journalist in the making, a thinker in the waking. She currently works for the international news channel WION, and her journalism career has previously made pitstops at CBS News in New York, NBC, CNBC and USA Today. She studied business management and journalism at Rutgers University in New Jersey. When she is not crunching words for publication or for an air, she can be found scribbling in a notebook or listening to the likes of Lorde and Rihanna. Vaishali also travelled across the US to compete for her university's debate team, and has avidly partaken in Model United Nations. She has won the Horlicks Speaker of the Year title and represented New Delhi in the international Wizkid competition. The essence of her TEDx Talk is Proudly Passionate. Vaishali's passion is her defining factor, and she followed it despite the stereotypical notions in an Indian society. She is also extremely passionate about women's issues, as you'll find out in her talk today.

Proudly Passionate

At many crossroads in life, we have to make the tricky decision between listening to our inner voice and listening to the voice of others around us. In a country like India where many fall prey to certain stereotypical paths like medicine or engineering, it can be challenging to follow your passion. When a 17-year-old girl made the decision to study journalism in the United States, her aspirations were often met with raised eyebrows. But if your passion is strong enough, it can stand the weight of these speculations. So how do you find this passion? How do you ensure that your inner voice gets a chance to be heard? How do you not just listen to this inner voice but channel it so your passion can bear actions? Today’s youth puts great emphasis on loving what they do, hence I would like to talk about the importance of this concept and how to make it work. Only when we have the ability to be mindful of our intentions, can we understand the true meaning of life. Human beings are weird creatures in that they are never satisfied, but we are only pushing ourselves further away from satisfaction if we suppress our inner voice and blindly follow a path set out for us by others. I would also like to weave into this talk the notorious concept of “Log kya kahenge” and how to debunk it, as well as how trivial it is because the only person who can help us understand our inner calling is us.

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Dr Vimarsh Raina's Bioclose

Dr.Vimersh Raina was born and brought up in Kashmir. He received his specialization (MD) in Pathology from Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana (Punjab) in 1995. He strongly believes that the field of medical sciences is one which goes through cases of extreme dynamics and undergoes constant transformation. Therefore, he advocates that clinical application of medical knowledge needs to start considering the changes in societal needs and demands. He is also the Founding Mentor of Genebandhu–a Non Profit Organizations engaged in the field of mustering community support towards enhancing the standard of care available for Thalassemia and Leukaemia patients across India.

Genebandhu - A step to prevent the gradual demolition of a positive society

People nowadays are becoming increasingly self-centred and self-obsessed. We don't help people in need. Dr.Vimersh, therefore, believes in an ideology based on our ancient saying: "Vasudev Kutumbakam", which means that we are all one family. Once we start to consider everybody as part of our family, the major issues around us will start resolving peacefully on their own.

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Saurab Kaushik's Bioclose

Saurabh is a trusted business growth strategist and a renowned peak performance coach who enables leading industrialists, SME founders, Fortune 500 leaders and ivy league entrepreneurs from Harvard, MIT, Cornell, IIM's, IIT's etc. achieve breakthrough success and most lasting transformations in themselves and their businesses by helping them ideate, strategise and grow themselves and their businesses from within, to consistently get and stay ahead in today's challenging business environment. His expertise in peak performance and business growth strategies coupled with an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, technology and current trends based on his hugely diverse business exposure spanning most major industries, leading private/ public companies and MNC giants gives him an edge at par with the best globally. His influencing superpowers come from his proprietary peak performance coaching technology which fuses the best of his people, business and market expertise with his cutting edge understanding of neuroscience, neuro-linguistics, modern and ancient Indian wisdom to connect with his client's at the deepest levels to bring about the accelerated breakthrough transformations they've always wanted for themselves and their businesses.

Finding Your True North

One of the greatest pursuits of every human - youth or adult, is that of finding our own true norths, our passion our purpose or a deeper meaning in our own lives.

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Deepanshu Khandelwal's Bioclose

Deepanshu Khandelwal is an entrepreneur who has created and co-founded a widely read, globally renowned technology news platform- The Tech Portal. Currently, he is working with Health Tech startup, LifCare, where in he oversees the company's Rajasthan Operations. Deepanshu has been an avid speaker in a host of entrepreneurship conclaves and events, including TEDx Pandri. His talk received over 30,000 views and is featured on Ted Talks' Youtube channel. .

Are we listening to the calling?

In context of the current global education and jobs scenario, and how India's much talented-yet-unutilised youth could really shape up the future of this great country.

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Vrinda Gupta's Bioclose

Vrinda Gupta a Grade 11 student at Lancers International School has a great passion for public speaking. She is a strong believer in the power of words and therefore believes TEDx to be the perfect platform to put up her ideas. She hopes to motivate people through her TED Talk, and for that reason she has chosen a topic that will hopefully strike a chord with anyone who has ever felt that they are unimportant. She also hates writing about herself in the third person.

The Butterfly Effect

"The Butterfly Effect”, first proposed by Edward Lorenz to map the weather, is a simple philosophy that every step taken in this world starts a domino effect in its own regard. It is simply scientific evidence to prove the fact that nothing that ever happens is irrelevant- it could lead to unimaginable consequences. There are many lessons from history to learn in this regard- How did a sandwich lead to the two world wars? How did a bunch of clouds lead to the atomic bombing of Nagasaki? And how are solar storms and sperm whales connected? It is hard to place faith in a theory sounding so far-fetched; but then again, this will be a speech about taking the plunge.

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Satvik Gupta's Bioclose

Satvik Gupta has definitely proved that a passion can become a living. He started 'gaming' at a young age of only 10 years. By the time he turned 13, his gaming skills helped him earn a little pocket money. He plans to change his audience's perspective towards gaming because he believes that we can gain leverage from our passions and even make a living from them!

In our generation, whenever somebody talks about gaming, it is assumed that the person is a complete failure or wastes his time. However, we are blessed to be born in a time where it is possible to make a living by doing things we are passionate about.

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Archana Garg's Bioclose

Archana Garg, 17, an IBDP student at Lancers International School, has an immense passion for languages. She believes that language is the only medium through which a person can express their personal thoughts. She is quite unique from the rest in terms of what she thinks about her culture and language. Due to this, she has chosen Hindi literature, instead of the mainstream English literature, in her IB course. In her opinion, millennials in India are drifting away from their native language and their culture, in this era of rapid globalization. She strongly believes that it is essential to stay connected to one's ancestral roots in order to save the bond we share; a bond that connects us through history, ethnicity and values.

Globalization versus sticking to one's own culture? How do they work together, especially in today's world?

In the era of technological advancements, it becomes very important not to lose one's cultural identity for it is what always reminds us of our morals and ethics. Should one neglect one's own mother tongue and drift away to a more westernized culture? There are several western ethics and ideas that have impacted our society, from the food we eat to the way we dress.We often neglect the importance of our culture and heritage; therefore, the talk includes breaking the misconception that learning English is the only way to succeed in life.